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Memphis Business Journal: January 20, 2017

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Trip was recently featured in an article detailing his reaction to a Trump presidency, and how he selects investments that will stand the test of time, regardless of who is in the White House. ...

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Can Trump Bring Apple Back to U.S. Soil?

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FoxBusiness.com, December 5, 2016 Trip explains Trump should focus on implementing tax, regulation and labor policies that will make businesses want to manufacture in the U.S. See the full post on FoxBusiness.com: Can Trump Bring ...

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Searching the Globe for Great Long and Short Ideas

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The Wall Street Transcript, November 18, 2016 Since 1963 The Wall Street Transcript has been interviewing CEOs, senior executives and professional money managers. In a recent interview for its Investment Strategies series, Trip was ...

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Amazon Spreads Its Tentacles Far Beyond “World’s Biggest Bookstore”

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Investor’s Business Daily, November 18, 2016 Trip explains Amazon wants to be a one-stop shop for consumers and how Amazon is doing a great job becoming an increasingly bigger part of our daily lives. ...

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Torrent of Cash Flowing to U.S. Stocks Abandons Lockstep Moves

Bloomberg, November 15, 2016. Trip explains how volatility in 2016 provided patient investors with opportunities on both the long and short side of trades. See the full post on Bloomberg: Torrent of Cash Flowing to ...

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