Market Volatility and Short Positions

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We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and start to the New Year. Mr. Market has certainly been extremely volatile to begin 2016. Market indices had their worst ever two weeks to start a year. However, we prefer to take a long term view and utilize this volatility to find great businesses at bargain prices.

Additionally, we implement a very opportunistic-concentrated short strategy of less than ten positions to protect our downside exposure. Please note we have added a new case study on our successful short of Tuesday Morning to our website.  Our short portfolio returned 23.4% in 2015. We would be happy to email you a detailed presentation of all our short positions or schedule a meeting for a broader discussion.

At Gullane Capital Partners we think about preserving and compounding capital with a five year or greater time perspective. This allows us to arbitrage time by allowing great businesses to flourish while we ignore the short term noise. If you’d like to learn more about how Gullane can help you achieve your investment goals, please give me a call at (901) 766-1969.

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