Amazon Will Begin Lowering Prices at Whole Foods — Starting Monday

August 24, 2017 As Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods became official, Trip explained this is just the beginning of the ecommerce giant tapping into the food industry. Amazon’s strategy to lower [...]

Investor’s Idea of a Great Shareholder Meeting

August 21, 2017 Trip shared his thoughts on what makes an effective shareholders meeting, noting Berkshire, FedEx and Biglari as great examples. As an active and engaged shareholder, Trip shared [...]

Investors May Want to Nibble on the Prepared Meals Trend

August 16, 2017 During a recent conversation with U.S. News & World Report, Trip offered his thoughts on the trend in prepared meal kits, noting how Amazon is tapping into the food industry [...]

Disney CEO Sees a Future Without Netflix, Comcast or DirecTV

August 8, 2017 Reacting to the news of Disney creating its own streaming service, Trip emphasized Disney’s longevity as a brand, explaining they need to continue to find new ways to bring content [...]

Value Investing: What You Should Know with Trip Miller

August 4, 2017 Miranda Marquit of Money Tree Investing spoke with Trip about his philosophies as a value investor and what he looks for when evaluating companies. Trip offered an in depth [...]

Why Apple Is Experiencing Another Growth Spurt

August 2, 2017 During a recent conversation with Vindu Goel of The New York Times, Trip shared his thoughts on what’s been driving Apple’s recent growth and how their services business could be [...]

Trip Miller on MoneyLife Show

July 31, 2017 Trip appeared as a guest on MoneyLife show to discuss several of his holdings, including Sonic and Dollar General. Trip explained he is always looking for companies “that Warren [...]

Amazon earnings report bullish for long term: Gullane Capital’s Trip…

July 27, 2017 Trip offered an instant reaction to Amazon’s quarterly earnings, explaining despite their earnings miss, much of the report was bullish for long term investors. Trip continues to [...]

‘Good Things Down the Road’ for Amazon: Investor

July 27, 2017 Trip spoke with CNBC Asia following Amazon’s earnings report, emphasizing the positives in their report. As a long term investor, Trip isn’t concerned with Amazon’s short term [...]

The Man who Introduced Kale to McDonald’s

July 27, 2017 As a long term shareholder of McDonald’s, Trip was able to quickly lend some insight on the impact CEO Steve Easterbrook has had in turning McDonald’s around. Read the full article here.