We strive to be excellent stewards of your capital by partnering with excellent stewards of corporate capital with hedge funds

We will treat your investment in the Fund as if it were our own, and consider it imperative to have our interests aligned with yours.  To this end, we will keep substantially all of our liquid, investable net worth in the Fund.  We will manage your money exactly how we manage our own money.  All managers and employees will be prohibited from investing in any securities outside of the Fund (excluding IRAs).

“Choose clients as you would friends.” — Charles Munger


Gullane Capital utilizes a specific investment process to evaluate the potential of a company, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  1. We search daily for potential opportunities around the globe.
  2. We limit our search to only publicly traded securities in markets where the values of capitalism and the rule of law are applied.
  3. We keep a research file of great businesses we would like to own at a certain price and constantly monitor price and company specific developments to find opportunities to invest.
  4. Once a potential investment opportunity is discovered we will develop a range of intrinsic value so we know where to both enter and exit the investment.
  5. We look for short-term pockets of opportunity to invest in a qualifying business.
  6. We will initiate a long position with a minimum of 3% of our capital. This threshold tests our conviction.
  7. If the opportunity is compelling enough, we may build the position to a double-digit allocation in the teens. Shorts may be initiated up to a maximum of 3% of our capital.
  8. We will always fully sell a business at no more than 100 percent of our conservative appraisal.

Our case studies are a great example of the effectiveness of our process.

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