Founded in 2002, Gullane Capital LLC is the investment advisor to the Gullane Capital Partners LLC fund and separately managed accounts. We are value investors following the teachings of Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Munger. Gullane Capital LLC utilizes a concentrated, disciplined value investing philosophy to manage partner capital for the long term.

Gullane focuses exclusively on bottom up proprietary research of publicly traded securities, across the capital structure, with no market cap, industry, or geographic restrictions.  We define risk as permanent capital loss, not short-term market volatility.

In order to perfectly align our interests with those of our investment partners, Gullane employees are required to place 100% of their liquid investable net worth in Gullane Capital Partners LLC. We utilize best in class third party service providers for all fund accounting, administration, trading, and custody of partner assets. Value investing is our only business.


“100 Year Flood” by New York artist Musette Morgan depicts the great Mississippi River flood of May 2011. The painting is owned by Gullane Capital Partners LLC, and serves as a daily reminder to us that just as the river bluffs guarded the city of Memphis against the “once in a generation” flood, we must remain constantly vigilant to protect our investment partners capital against permanent loss from seldom seen events. To do this we seek investments that qualify both qualitatively and quantitatively with the required “margin of safety.”



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